Red Hot Salsa: Beginner Salsa/Mambo DVD

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Red Hot Salsa: Beginner Salsa/Mambo DVD

Post on Sat 05 Apr 2008, 6:37 am

Red Hot Salsa: Beginner Salsa/Mambo DVD

Fast-paced & Exciting! Salsa is Red Hot!
With this DVD you will receive professional instruction from Ron & Bethana Rosario who will teach you the basics that are the foundation of the dance. These basics are presented in an easy-to-learn format that will allow you to enter the social dance floor with ease. Each step for the man & woman is presented in detail with both the front and back views. Running Time: Approx. 45mins.

Red Hot Salsa: Beginner Salsa/Mambo is taught on "1" in the Classic New York Style. Our other Salsa DVD's are taught on "2" (2,3,4)

You will learn: The Salsa/Mambo Basic Right Turns Right Turn Combinations
Music & Rhythm Left Turns Right & Left Turn Combo Crossbody Lead
Crossbody Lead with Inside Turn Open Break Spot Turn

DVD features: Twice the resolution of VHS for a very sharp picture. Easy navigation, use the chapter menu to choose any dance step. Freeze the picture or watch in clear slow-motion. DVDs can be played worldwide.(All regions)


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